Cards for chakra energy balancing using positive affirmations

I don’t know how you felt this pandemic, but for me it was mindblowing. It helped me open my eyes and reinvent myself. It helped me see what I want to do next in life and what my direction is. So let me introduce myself: I am Patricia Lidia, writer, blogger and coach for creativity and ideas, passionate about reading and writing, terapii alternative și spiritualitate. How does that sound? To me it sounds WON-DER-FUL! but that’s not what I want to talk to you today, but about my new cards for chakra energy balancing using positive affirmations.

I am a Reiki master and teacher, with two attunement lineages. My first attunement were received 12 years ago, during which time I did thousands of hours of Reiki therapy. I took a break during pregnancy and breastfeeding, because I felt that all this energy affects the relationship with my little Prince Charming, but I started even more determined and eager to work with the energies when my little baby boy cut his energy cords.

For 2021 I was preparing an emotional balancing program with the help of positive affirmations for people who are at the beginning of the road in working with energies. In this context, the idea of cards came as a support material for this program and totally fascinated me. I did this program on my own and I always had in my house, handwritten, the notes with the positive affirmations, I would always lose them, they fell and I forgot about them. With the help of these cards, the activity itself can effectively focus on self-work and there are no more confusions and organizational disturbances.

And these cards… How can you not love them, when they emanate so much energy? Moreover, they come infused with Reiki energy for abundance, prosperity and emotional balance. The package includes 50 cards (7 different cards for each of the 7 chakras + 1 presentation card). They are available in English or Romanian.

I love all my projects, they are pieces of my soul, created with purpose and passion, but this project is an extremely special and important one for me, because it marks a new beginning, a return to an older passion, which I left aside for a while, but I never forgot: REIKI!

It is a first step, a first project in a whole series, which aims to help us be well with ourselves, to return to the emotional balance so important for our soul and body!

The price of the cards for chakra energy balancing using positive affirmations is 25e, free shipping. All people who order the cards benefit from the automatic registration, absolutely free, in a support group for (“correct”) use of the cards.

Did I make you curious? You can order them by writing me a message! You can make the payment HERE and then write me here an email!

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